I Am An Information Hoarder

Hi. My name is ASIJ and I am an information hoarder.

It’s obvious. Just walk into my home.

Boxes and boxes of printed out material. Stacks of paper on every possible flat surface.

I even bought a table to sort on – which is now stacked with boxes and paper. A lot of it I didn’t have time to read at the moment so printed it out for later – evidently MUCH later. Like NEVER! But I had good intentions and its all good stuff – too good to throw away! And some of it is stuff I’d like to keep for reference that needs to go in files or notebooks. Amidst all these papers are important papers that I REALLY might need one day but wouldn’t be able to find if my life depended on it.

I’m drowning in it. I’m causing my family to drown in it.

All my fault.

Or imagine this if you will: someone might be having a problem and I have just the material that will help them conquer all – if I can just find it its somewhere here I know I saw it just the other day. Well, you understand.

Or maybe you don’t.

I need help.

Enter…the garbage can (and friendly shredder).

Breathing becomes difficult when I think about shredding – seriously. It’s just so…permanent. But I could free up a LOT of space if I’d just throw it all away (except for the important papers of course). And just when I start throwing away, suddenly, EVERY paper somehow magically becomes important. Weird how that happens.

I’m doomed.

With love from my messy heart,