Life Philosophy in 24 Words Taken From The Eagles

We may lose and we may win though
we will never be here again
so open up, I’m climbin’ in,
so take it easy.

~ The Eagles

“We may lose and we may win” There are no guarantees. We don’t know the outcome yet.

“though we will never be here again” This moment, this NOW will NEVER be here again. Looking back…these words really pack a wallop. So many times I’ve not liked where my life was, only to look back years later and realize what a good time it was. And I want to go back and do it all over again. But IN THAT MOMENT I didn’t realize how good my life was and that I would NEVER be there again.

“so open up, I’m climbin’ in” Oh yeah. Open up. I’m climbin’ in. Right where I am…in the middle of the mess…the chaos! Because what is happening will never be here again. And tomorrow I may look back and say “I wish I were back there again.”

“so take it easy” Lighten up. Be easy with life. Be easy with this now moment.

After I quiet the random thoughts swirling like little tornadoes in my mind and realize that this day will never come again, then I can begin to make something of this precious moment. Because…



My thoughts on this part of The Eagle’s famous song “Take It Easy” may have nothing to do with what they really meant. Just a little disclaimer…


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