Saturday Morning Joy

These are the days to remember. Each ordinary day. Even the most mundane routine laden day has some kind of JOY and WONDER in it! Sometimes we just have to dig a little to find it.

In August, I participated, ever so lightly, in Hanna Marcotti’s Joy Up.

Oh what a blessing Hannah is. Joy oozes from Hannah. Everything she writes is wondrous to me. Can you tell I love Hannah just a little bit? Now I am organizing all the precious emails from Hannah and starting over. Another month of Joy. Each day something new.

Actually I plan to live the rest of my life with Joy as my intention.

Love as my motivation.

Peace as my resting place.

I have used every excuse in the book not to follow my heart. I want to write…but find my words lacking. I don’t have a good enough camera for blogging – all I have is my cell phone camera. And on and on the excuses go. But I’m setting the excuses aside. I’m just letting go. Simple as that. Now on to finding JOY wherever my heart may lead. Just letting it happen. Treading lightly as I go.

My words aren’t lofty. I ramble, sometimes I don’t make sense. My pictures aren’t high quality (or really much quality at all.) And I am the most amateur of photographers.

But you get the idea – the wonder is still there!

Besides, is there even anyone here but me? I’m ok with me…so all is well.

Hannah and all the Joy Uppers comprise the tribe that I want to belong to. These women are beautiful. Gorgeous really. Words can’t describe how they’ve make me feel. Since their intention (and mine) has been JOY, then it’s ever so easy to find joy in their faces, in their smiles. in each and every word they write. They constantly uplift, encourage, whatever it takes to get you out of your slump and on to living life as it is meant to be lived. This miraculous, wonderous, joyous life


It’s so much easier to find Joy all around me now. Just this morning I basked in the wonder of the birds singing in my own backyard. A beautiful sound of nature right outside my door. Backyard Joy.

I found evidence of summer hanging on in my neighbor’s yard. Summer flowery Joy.

Fall is just around the corner. My absolute favorite season. Fall Joy.

Welcome to my home. My world. My JOY!

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