I Don’t Know How To Pray

I mean, I REALLY don’t know how to pray. I am intimidated before God.

I was a preacher’s wife for 10 years. I should know how to pray. If ever called on to pray out loud IN FRONT OF PEOPLE, I shut down even worse.  I start to shake, my eyelids start jumping uncontrollably, I start to sweat. I swear I almost faint.

When I tell people I will pray for them…I really do. Just not out loud. I pray silently to myself in my heart or in my head. Anywhere but out loud.

To help me learn to pray, I am writing down my prayers in a prayer journal and reading them OUTLOUD. But when I am alone. Outside on the patio. Just me and God. That should be good enough, shouldn’t it?

I’m only starting today so we’ll see how this goes.

And I was reminded this morning that I had a dream after asking God “How can I improve my memory and keep my mind young and active?” In the dream God had told me a good way to do this was to memorize scripture.

So my prayer journal will be my Prayer and Bible Memory Journal.

Why does something so simple seem so hard for me? Praying should come as natural to me as talking to my best friend.

Help me Father to learn to pray.

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