Reasons For Not Being Present

I have none. Not even one tiny reason for not being here. But this blog is not dead. No sirree. Not by a long shot. I was merely…




Life still went on. I have learned this one BIG thing! Life goes on no matter what I’m doing.

Even if the teacher of life should call roll and I don’t say “Present” or “Here”, the class will still go on with the others that ARE present and IT WILL NOT STOP BECAUSE I’M NOT THERE!!!

Yes, life goes on.

I still turned 54.

Then I turned 55.

I still received good and bad news.

Now I am assessing the situation to see how I want to proceed from here.

I have ideas. I am in the middle of several projects. Not really big stuff, just stuff I’ve decided to do or become. I’m still decluttering. Physically and mentally decluttering. I’m debating on whether to become a true minimalist. The lifestyle is so appealing to me after being such a packrat for all my life. The past few moves were just horrible, all because we have SO MUCH STUFF! Being able to move just a few pieces of furniture and a few personal belongings would be heavenly. And I’m older now, why keep putting myself though such torture? So this is an ongoing project.

For so many years, one of my biggest obstacles to moving on in life was “letting go”. Decluttering my life has been a great lesson in letting go and I have discovered just how good it feels to let go.

But I’m not letting go of this blog.

It is a safe place for me.

And I’ve come back…

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