Know this: a way is always provided. Always.

The last 45 or so days have really been mind boggling, gut wrenching, tear jerking days. After my boss and friend, Frank, died, I really struggled for a few days about so many things. He came to me, even before he died, in dreams. One particular dream I had the day of his funeral – he wasn’t in it, but it was HIS funeral I was preparing for in the dream. Then, a few days ago, I had another dream in which I heard his voice but never really saw him. But after all, it was his voice that commanded so much of my attention, so that’s all I needed. In each dream, I have determined (with much help from Mr. ASIJ, my dream guru) that the underlying theme is “Let go”.

Why pick the hardest thing in the world for me to do and ask me to do it?

There are things I need to let go of but can’t. There are things I want to let go of but can’t. I think the Universe is telling me to find a way.

Ok Fine.

Another underlying theme in the dreams is the fact that things are right in front of my face, right under my nose, and I can’t see them. They sometimes are even pointed out to me and I see them then, but when I go back to them, I can’t see them.

I want to leave you today with something Mr. ASIJ wrote in an email to someone who was asking, in a nutshell, what’s next?

“Know this: a way is always provided, always. De-focus on what’s going on elsewhere, and focus on what is wonderful right in front of you. It gets better from there.”

And therein lies the answer, once again, right in front of my face. Thankfully, this time I see it.

2 thoughts on “Know this: a way is always provided. Always.

  1. Wow, that’s real wisdom. I like Mr. ASIJ said. It exudes peace, confidence, and faith. I like it. I’m going to mull that over a bit myself.


  2. What beautiful words to hear from the man you admired and in your dreams. You are a special lady. Blessings to you, my friend. Athena

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