“Cottage Mentality”…a better way to live ~

A cottage can be anywhere or anything (condo, ranch, farmhouse) as long as you have the “cottage mentality” of living simply, loving imperfection, and making do or doing without. It’s about cherishing the people in our lives and putting them before things.

The little lady who said this, ~ Jami, who has a delightful blog (www.anoregoncottage.com) ~ which I’ve recently discovered and I just can’t get enough of, has become one of my favorites. This is what I long for…to live simply, to love imperfection, to make do or do without. I always want to make sure I am cherishing the people in my life and putting them wayyyyyyy before things.

Today Jami wrote about pickled asparagus.

Life is good.

Ever since I read the quote I wrote about on June 5th, I’ve been relaxing…sort of

just chillin’

easin’ up on myself


The quote bears repeating…

In the end, the quest for balance is bogus. Love your burdens. Love them hard. And when your loves knock you down or your weak ankles trip you up, stop worrying about balancing – ‘cuz you’re not – and bounce.
– Kelly Diels

Now I’m not thinking we should never try to improve ourselves, but should certainly stop striving so hard for perfection. Let’s screw up ~ mess up royally ~ fall down in the mud and get back up…muddy ~ belch because the food’s good (not really, don’t do that one) ~ slide all the way down the mountain on your butt…get back up and climb it again ~

At least that’s how I feel inside.

It’s my outsides that slow me down.

But that’s ok ~ that’s what I mean ~ it’s all good.

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