Quest for balance…bogus you say?

In the end, the quest for balance is bogus. Love your burdens. Love them hard. And when your loves knock you down or your weak ankles trip you up, stop worrying about balancing – ‘cuz you’re not – and bounce.
– Kelly Diels

Very very interesting, don’t you think?

Here it is, another Saturday. I’m not seeking balance today, I’m just going to enjoy the ‘bounce’.

Oh happy day.

One thought on “Quest for balance…bogus you say?

  1. With all the practice I’ve been getting, I should have the bounce thing down by now.

    I’ve not heard this quote before. I like it. I think it’s more realistic than the perfection mode I strive for. I think I’m going to embrace this whole bouncing strategy.

    Have a great day!

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