Of Flowers and Mice…

Little Miss Mouse
Little Miss Mouse

Today, Patti Digh, from 37 Days fame, wrote on Facebook about a dead mouse on her front walkway that needed removing. It reminded me of a true story from years ago about Little Miss ASIJ and one rather dead mouse.

Earlier on that day, Mr. ASIJ had been watering flowers and plants in the house and one of them was very droopy. After a short while, when they went back to check on it, it had perked up and was looking good and healthy. Mr. ASIJ explained to Little Miss ASIJ that the water had done it. Even though it looked almost dead, the water had nourished the plant and “brought it back to life”.

Little Miss ASIJ was about 3 or 4 yrs. old at the time. And took everything told to her quite literally. So now she’s thinking that water can bring things back to life. Her dad found her later on that day with a dead mouse that one of cats had killed. She had stuck it in a glass of water, and was stirring it with a spoon, waiting for it to “come back to life.”

Mr. ASIJ quickly got on the phone to call me at work and tell me about this. At first I thought, “how cute and oh how brilliant my little daughter is”. Then realized she would have had to have touched the mouse and I got all squeamish and started ranting over the phone “did you make sure she washed her hands? What if the mouse had some kind of disease? You need to get her in the bathtub NOW and make sure she gets clean with lots of hot water and soap!!!”

He said that she seemed a little disappointed that the mouse just swirled around and didn’t jump right up like the plant had done. He took the glass from her and took it to the edge of the woods and “disposed” of it. When nobody could find the mouse later, Little Miss ASIJ assumed he had jumped up and run into the woods.

Amazing what a little bit of water and the faith of a child can do.

Little Miss ASIJ
Little Miss ASIJ

2 thoughts on “Of Flowers and Mice…

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Your daughter is obviously a loving being who cares for others. How sad that her technique couldn’t revive the mouse.

    I woke up one night as a child to a scratching noise in my garbage can. Naturally, I ran and got my Mom. I thought she would take the can and throw the mouse outside, but she tossed him the toilet and flushed him down. I was horrified and to this day wish I’d had the courage to simply set him free myself. I vowed never to tell her again, if another mouse found its way into my bedroom.

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