Can A Southern Woman Be A Lightworker?

Southern Belle
Southern Belle

Oh I’m sure there are lots of southern women Lightworkers. But I’m talking about one in particular. Me.

I’m just a simple southern woman. Not a farm girl. Not even a country girl (though I desperately want to live in the country). But I am definitely southern. Born and bred. The south flows through my veins. I love the south. And I love being a southern woman.

For the past two or three years, Mr. ASIJ and I have, through MySpace, hooked up with several amazing “Lightworkers”. This has been a very big eye opening experience for me and I have learned so much from so many and I am truly thankful to them.

But I still have my little issues I’m dealing with.

Maybe its just the Lightworker “venacular”. I don’t get it. Take for instance: “Go within”.

I ask Mr. ASIJ for a solution to a problem I might be having.
He says “go within”.
“Okay”, I say. “Go within where?”
“Go within yourself.” (big eye roll from Mr. ASIJ).
“Okay”, I say “How?”
“Meditate” he says.
“But when I meditate I fall asleep!”
(Another eye roll)

Which reminds me of a postcard I got from my Dad one time. On the front was this really fat orangutang. On the back was written:
“When I works, I works hard.
When I plays, I plays hard.
And when I thinks, I falls asleep!”

He knew me so well.

Anyway, there are lots of phrases and words used by Lightworkers that just totally scramble my brain. “Let it go”…now thats a biggie for me.

I have this issue, probably goes back to my childhood. I know (and everyone tells me) I need to LET IT GO. Sure, I’d be happy to – but how. Surely someone in this big wide cyberspace has come up with some steps for me. A book…”Letting Go For Dummies”. But I can’t even google a good step by step manual on how to “let it go”. So I’m working on making up my own steps. I’ll share them when they’re done. Got to give it a little time though to see if they actually work!

In the meantime, if you know of such a list – please, pretty please, send it to me!

Chakras, dimensions, ascension…oh boy.

Right now I’m trying to learn, really learn and understand, about chakras. Mr. ASIJ pointed out to me a pretty box on the bookshelf that had been there for heaven knows how long, and said “There’s a course we have on chakras”. Okie dokie. Where’d that come from???

So, I dive in. I read about 10 pages or so and have reread them 5 or 6 times. I’m getting nowhere. They didn’t teach me about chakras in school. I can’t even imagine that little round twirly thing! I close my eyes. Nope, still not gettin’ it. Who came up with this “chakra” stuff anyway?

And auras??? I don’t see ’em. When I “unfocus” my eyes, all I see is what looks like smoke. Good grief. To “unfocus” all I have to do is take off my glasses. Nope…still no auras.

Different dimensions…geez I’m still trying to figure out this one!

And ascension…don’t even get me started. I guess I’m just not “there” yet.

Talking to dead people…oh yeah right.

I think if the Lightworker community would talk “southern” or even say these things with a southern drawl I might understand a little better. Right now though…I’m feeling like a fish out of water.

However, I’m loving every minute of it. At first, I was feeling really “out of my comfort zone.” But loving it nonetheless.

Lightworkers are great.

And I’m gettin’ there. Just a little slower than my brothers and sisters.

Be patient with me all you already ascended Lightworkers. I may have been put in your life as a lesson on…well a lesson on whatever it is you need to learn!

One thought on “Can A Southern Woman Be A Lightworker?

  1. I confess, I’ve never heard the term Lightworker before, so I’m not sure what it is.

    I have heard of chakras and the like, although I haven’t quite figured them out.

    As for the “letting go”, that’s something I HAVE learned how to do a little better over the years. It usually starts with a deep breath for me. Followed by a moment of quiet when I ask myself if it’s worth the energy. I think it’s closely related to picking one’s battles, and forgiveness figures in there too.

    Not quite a lesson, but perhaps a step toward the light?

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