This One’s For You

“I read your blog today”, he says. “I read all of it but couldn’t find where you’d written anything about me in there. Not once did you mention how we met when I worked in another state. Or how I transferred to this office and we’ve become such good buddies”.

I knew he was kidding. But why haven’t I written about someone who has become so important to me? I haven’t been able to find enough words that fit…that’s why.

Even now, I wonder if I can do justice to our unlikely relationship. Looking at us, you’d think we have nothing in common. And honestly, even I don’t know what it is that makes us click. He’s black, I’m white. He’s young, I’m…ummm…a little bit older. So we’re not the same race. We’re not the same age. We’re not the same gender. We’re not family but I can’t think of anyone outside of Mr. ASIJ and Little Miss ASIJ that I want spend time with. In fact, I would love for him to meet Mr. ASIJ, I think they’d get along great 🙂

And honestly, none of our differences amount to a hill of beans but if I could change anything, I’d change our age.

I feel I can trust him completely. He doesn’t judge me when I tell him stupid stuff. He touches something in me that most people never even get close to. How does he do that?

He asks nothing of me. Unlike even the people who don’t know they’re always asking for something from me – he never does. Well…except food…he always wants food. When he first started working with me, I asked someone from his former office how I could make him happy. She said, “give him food”. And so I’ve tried. Experimenting with what he likes and doesn’t like. He’s very picky. Not me, I’ll eat anything.

I am completely at ease with him. I don’t have to weigh out each word before it comes out of my mouth. And I read something the other day that fits – he makes me laugh when I don’t even feel like smiling. He never puts me down but lifts me up and makes me feel good about ME.

Neither of us are morning people, so we wait for awhile before talking after we get to the office. Sometimes we can’t help but see each other so we say hi and that’s about it. Later on, after coffee, we talk. And laugh. And talk about what we did last night. Or didn’t do. Or wanted to do but couldn’t.

I like to be with people who make me happy.

He makes me happy. That’s what I’ll call him. Mr. He Makes Me Happy 🙂

And he’s never called me old.

He’s definitely a keeper.

One thought on “This One’s For You

  1. Mr. Happy sounds like a gem, a rarity, a one-of-a-kind. Definitely a keeper.

    Other than his race, he sounds like my boyfriend. He’s 15 years younger than me…(!!)…and is the first man I’ve really ever felt completely at ease with. He also hates it if I say I’m old.

    Isn’t it great, the people we get to enjoy, if we reserve judgement and just have fun?

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