Leaving us

It has been a weird past few days for me. My best friend’s mother passed away while she was trying to get to her. It was so important for my friend to be able to see her mother and say good-bye before her mother left us. But she didn’t make it. She was still on the plane trying to get there.

My heart is breaking for my friend and her bother and sister. Their father passed away a few years ago. From experience I know what they are feeling. No Mother…No Father. And no matter what anyone says or does ~
YOUR…HEART…JUST…BREAKS…IN…PIECES. Yes, time will make some of the pain go away. But it never completely leaves us.

I was 6 and my friend was 9 when we met. So there’s a lot of history there between us. She stuck by me when no one else did. She’s one of the ones I trust. Through hell or high water…she’s always been there.

I hadn’t seen her mother is a few years. She had alzheimers, so honestly, she left a while back. But death sure makes it final. Death on this earth that is. I don’t believe we ever really die. Our souls live on forever. But in our humanness, we just can’t let go of the finality of death in this lifetime. At least I can’t.

I’ll be glad for life to get back to normal for my friend. I’ll be glad to see her smile again.

And we all know…life goes on.

And life is good.

One thought on “Leaving us

  1. I have experienced so very little of death. I’m not that close to many people, so there are only a scant few I would grieve deeply over. I think. I’ll never know for sure until the time comes.

    I have a closer affinity to animals and I have felt the loss of those loved ones on a level far greater than I could even express. I have had three soul mates in my life, and all three of them have been animals.

    I feel for your friend and I hope she doesn’t get caught in the trap of feeling guilty for not having arrived ‘soon enough’. This too happened as it was meant to. As unfathomable as that feels now.

    Blessings to you and your loved ones.


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