I Did It Again ~ Sigh…

I locked my keys in my truck tonight. In the Walmart parking lot. My purse and cell phone locked safely in with my keys. A bag of dogfood in the truck bed that anybody could have walked off with as I was running all over the place trying to find help while panic was setting in and kind of…well…choking me.

No one would help me.

I’m not surprised.

No one, I mean NO ONE would help me. Not the lady at the Walmart customer service desk. Not the taxi driver who had come to pick up a lady with a cart full of groceries. Not the Walmart security guy riding around the parking lot with his little yellow light flashing just in case someone needed help. Not the two young Mexican boys that said they didn’t speak English. Not the guy in line at the service station who couldn’t seem to get away from me fast enough. Not even the police. Since there were no babies or animals locked in the truck, they said to call a locksmith.

Now that I’m safe at home, I keep thinking “well of course they couldn’t help me. Not everyone is equipped to break into a truck.” But still, sure was a terrible feeling when no one would even offer to let me use their cell phone so I could call someone. Lot of good that would have done anyway – I couldn’t call anyone except Mr. ASIJ, where my car is sitting dead in the back yard. I didn’t know anyone else’s number because all the numbers are saved in my cell phone and I don’t take the time to memorize numbers anymore.

I finally got the lady at the service station in the Walmart parking lot to let me use her phone to call a locksmith.

I’ve locked my keys in my car or truck several times in the past year or two and someone’s always been there to help me. I’ve always been at or near work during working hours so there’s always been one of the guys around to rescue me.

Tonight there was no one.

Thank God for the locksmith.

Cost me 40 bucks (he said he’s the lowest in town and I believe him – I was expecting to have to pay much more especially since it was after hours). But I am home and I’ve got to, just GOT TO, figure out a way to keep that from happening again.

I think AAA’s my answer.

Weird coincidence…I had a AAA application waiting for me at home that I’d gotten in the mail JUST TODAY! That baby’s getting mailed TOMORROW!

And I’m going to memorize a few phone numbers…you know…just in case.

2 thoughts on “I Did It Again ~ Sigh…

  1. That is really odd that no one would offer to help you call a locksmith or tow truck or your husband.

    Getting AAA is probably a good idea, although you know that once you’re a member, this will never happen again. ;o)

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