Getting Lost


Detour by Ruth Feldman

I took a long time getting here,
much of it wasted on wrong turns,
back roads riddled by ruts.
I had adventures
I never would have known
if I proceeded as the crow flies.
Super highways are so sure
of where they are going:
they arrive too soon.

A straight line isn’t always
the shortest distance
between two people.
Sometimes I act as though
I’m heading somewhere else
while, imperceptibly,
I narrow the gap between you and me.
I’m not sure I’ll ever
know the right way, but I don’t mind
getting lost now and then.
Maps don’t know everything.

(The Ambitions of Ghosts)

I just needed something to calm me on this manic Monday.  Poetry calms me.  Soothing words.  And truths.

Such as I wouldn’t be here today if I’d followed a map.

Getting lost along the way…

Only to discover a certain comfort in being lost and then finding the way back home.

I am happy here.

One thought on “Getting Lost

  1. Happy doesn’t always get the credit it deserves.

    And getting lost is all part of the adventure!

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