Falling in Love…With Me

The other night I told Mr. ASIJ that I wasn’t living the life I wanted to live.  “And who’s fault is that?” I asked…as I pointed to myself.  I am almost fifty-two years old.  If I ever intend to actually LIVE that life, then I best get my rear in gear.

I read something yesterday on the internet involving a book a lady had written.  The title REALLY caught my eye.  Sleeping Naked After Forty by Rosie Battista. Also known as the “The Kale Queen”, she is brilliant and I can’t wait to order and read her book. (When I figure how to link to things in this blog, I’ll put a link to her book here).  This is what she says about herself now AFTER she has fallen in love with herself and started living the life she was meant to live:  “I am 48 years old.  I wear a bikini.  I don’t diet.  I just eat healthy.  I love my food.  I love my body.  I love my life.  I sleep naked.” Here’s how I would relate that:  “I am 51 years old.  I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini.  I have dieted off and on for 30 years.  I don’t eat healthy.  I DO love my food (a little too much maybe).  I’m mostly ashamed of my body (although it has served me well I guess).  I love parts of my life.  I only sleep naked when I’ve had too much to drink.”

There’s much work to do here.

2 thoughts on “Falling in Love…With Me

  1. The goal is doing whatever makes you happy no matter at what age. You are a gem!!!

  2. Now that you are in love with yourself, you can never say, you have FALLEN in love, but RISEN in love with yourself! There is no looking back, when one falls in LOVE with oneself in the true sense 🙂 Follow your bliss 🙂

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